Regain dignity and control over your life.
We help victims to realize their human dignity, turning them towards God to develop renewed ways of living that promote harmony and well-being within themselves and their families. We help victims learn their true identities through Christ and help them grow to be emotionally strong once again.


We have a God-given passion for helping abused and broken women through the healing power of Jesus Christ. Our ministry provides resources and support in and out of crisis.

Meet The Founder

Rose Ann Verzal

Rose Ann Verzal is an ordained minister who carries her God-given passion of giving hope, healing, and encouragement to hurting women struggling from different types of abuse, especially but not limited to domestic violence.

Rose Ann knows first-handed what it’s like to be a victim of abuse; she grew up in the inner city of Chicago in a dysfunctional home.


Your donations help us provide resources and education to abused women in need.

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