Mission & Purpose

Our Mission

Burden’s Undone Ministries was birthed out of a God-given passion for broken women from various types of abuse. Our mission is to encourage and support these women to find healing in Jesus.

Our purpose is spelled out in the form of an acronym for the name Rose.

R Restore hope for enhanced self-esteem, confidence and well-being.

O Overcome brokenness from life’s battles and challenges with prayer.

S Support for emotional, physical and spiritual healing with love, empathy, and understanding.

E Encourage to press on in life, holding onto Jesus through it all.

Burdens Undone is a ministry with resources for support in and out of crisis.

You are never alone with Jesus.

Our ministry’s branding includes a pink rose for a special reason. The beauty of this flower expresses promise, hope and new beginnings. It is contrasted by the thorns symbolizing defense, loss and thoughtlessness. The pink color symbolizes love, grace, elegance, beauty, innocence, and gentleness, which are just some of the gifts God has given to women.